Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Brief Update

Wow - there are people here! I just read the new posts and felt the urge to write something, so this is a short overview of where I am right now, writing-wise.

Fist, I'm not writing much right now because I'm revising for exams most of the time, but since the sun is now being much more friendly and Dad repainted the garden bench today I might start giving myself time every day to sit outside with a notebook. My most recent attenpts at new stories have been rehashings of very old ideas, both of which have ground to a halt before making 2 pages, and an interesting take on an urban legend I came across which has potential but could also get really out-of-control and stupid. We shall see.

Most exciting news (even though it happened about a week ago now) is that I have finished another novella-length story! Contact 2009 has, as you can probably tell from the title, been waiting for this a long time, and now it needs massive editing. The problems I intend to fix are that a) there is so much dialogue and not much of anything else; b) I think I've written it just for myself, so there isn't really enough description to make it understandable to anyone else; and c) there isn't enough exploration of, well, any of the stuff going on here. I want to include more of the alien language I have been working on, more of their culture, and massively more character development. I want memories and flashbacks and some sort of understanding of where my main character has come from and exactly what she is choosing to leave behind when she - whoops, spoilers!

So yeah. A novella in editing, two failed rehashings (both of which, by the way, were the third versions of their stories - I should really take the hint) and an interesting-but-difficult brand-new project. So stands my writely existence.

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