Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Nightmare Week

Why did I ever think that writing for 3 hours every day was a good idea? It might have been for someone, but not for me. I ended up sleep-deprived and crabby with everyone, and had my mom asking when I was going to be done. It worked perfectly fine for the first couple of days, then I gained the hour. I was stupid enough not to finish my days quota, thinking I would finish it the next day. Turns out, procrastination is deadly.

That same hated hour stayed with me all through the week. I was barely able to keep up with the three hours i had, much less contend with an extra. Then, the sixth day, we were gone the whole day, and I only managed to cram two hours in before I collapsed at the keys. So, on the final day, with my mom breathing sighs of relief, I ended up with five hours to do. After going to church. And not having slept well for the past six days.


The only good thing about it, was although my eyes were red-rimmed, I did get a lot of decent writing done. And not only on the one story. So, now I'm thinking I might try it at least one more time. But only two hours a day this time. I never hope to be so stupid again.  I need my sleep.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Brief Update

Wow - there are people here! I just read the new posts and felt the urge to write something, so this is a short overview of where I am right now, writing-wise.

Fist, I'm not writing much right now because I'm revising for exams most of the time, but since the sun is now being much more friendly and Dad repainted the garden bench today I might start giving myself time every day to sit outside with a notebook. My most recent attenpts at new stories have been rehashings of very old ideas, both of which have ground to a halt before making 2 pages, and an interesting take on an urban legend I came across which has potential but could also get really out-of-control and stupid. We shall see.

Most exciting news (even though it happened about a week ago now) is that I have finished another novella-length story! Contact 2009 has, as you can probably tell from the title, been waiting for this a long time, and now it needs massive editing. The problems I intend to fix are that a) there is so much dialogue and not much of anything else; b) I think I've written it just for myself, so there isn't really enough description to make it understandable to anyone else; and c) there isn't enough exploration of, well, any of the stuff going on here. I want to include more of the alien language I have been working on, more of their culture, and massively more character development. I want memories and flashbacks and some sort of understanding of where my main character has come from and exactly what she is choosing to leave behind when she - whoops, spoilers!

So yeah. A novella in editing, two failed rehashings (both of which, by the way, were the third versions of their stories - I should really take the hint) and an interesting-but-difficult brand-new project. So stands my writely existence.

The Willow Project

Greetings, fellow writers! As promised, here is an update on how things are going with me writing-wise.

  1. Combined two story ideas of mine. They really mesh well together, which makes me happy.
  2. Semi-plotted out the combined story, which I will henceforth refer to as The Willow Project.
  3. Wrote out Chapter 1 and part of Chapter 2.
  4. Suddenly got a rush of inspiration\ideas just from writing this blog post.
My story with the code name "The Willow Project" is, in a nutshell, about magical bonds being broken between two "symbiotic," in a way, races, an abduction, and a magical item that is the catalyst of it all. I am quite excited about working on this story, and also by the fact that it is going so well so far.

Keeping my fingers crossed that it stays that way.

Nephy out for now!

Hellooo! aka, Guilt Trips

Hi everyone! I just joined the gang, so this is my first post. To let you know a little bit about me... I'm 15, I love to read and write (obviously!), crochet, act, listen to music, etc. Is that enough?

Anyway, I've been really disappointed in myself lately. I haven't been writing nearly as much as i would like to say I do. Sometimes I don't write for a couple of weeks, or I'll try to edit and only get a couple of pages done before i get stuck. sad, no? So, after being put on a guilt trip by an old lady wanting to read my story, I made a vow. Not on my laptop, sadly, but I intend to keep it nonetheless. For at least the next week, I shall work on my books/stories for at least three hours a day. It's been two days, now. We'll see how I do. Thankfully, the story I chose to work on is one of my faves, so that should help.


Friday, April 15, 2011

An Unoriginal Post Title

Hi everyone - remember me? :P If I remember correctly, I have only ever posted once on this blog and I swear on my laptop (think of what this entails - every single character I've created, along with every single word I've written has been sworn upon. And that is deep, my fellow writers.) that I will make the greatest effort in the future to post much more frequently. With that aside, let me fill you in on how my writing life has been going lately. Most recently (as in, the last week, at least) I have been a complete writing DUD (if you do not count the writing assignments I had to do for my 'beloved' (yeah, right) novel study. Yes. Not a word has appeared in my word processor on my laptop for a nearly significant period of time. Before I get totally boo-ed off the blog, though, in my defence, I did go through a surprisingly long writing streak a little while ago and I wrote three, quite decently long short stories. And yes, I edited them, which is usually completely unheard of for me, because normally my stories sit neglected in my numerous writing folders or my desktop, avoided by my Inner Editor, because I know they are not exactly golden. One of those short stories may also blossom (for lack of better word) into a novel. I feel good about it, which doesn't exactly happen for every single document I save onto my hard drive. Moving right along to my current werewolf novel, I have been itching to revisit it and since I will be spending a good chunk of time in the car traveling tomorrow, I figured that tomorrow would be a good time to do just that (coincidentally, there also happens to be A YARN STORE right across the street from where I will be spending most of my day. I get an hour and a half lunch break, so I figured that if I got between 15-30 minutes to eat then I will be very happy. Even more so if I leave said yarn store with a yummy skein of sock yarn). But I am beginning to ramble -nips rambling in the butt-. I think I'll briefly revisit the last chapter for flaws and do all that fun editing stuff, then move on and write as much as humanly possible (hopefully) for the rest of the trip. Worst case scenario, I can just stack yarn on top of my laptop and knit the rest of the ride if I get discouraged. As much as I would love to just knit, I believe my writing needs more tending to than my needles. Or, you know, I could also just go and work on another story. We'll see how it goes. On that note, I think that's enough for one post. Happy writing. ~K ETA: there appears to be something wrong with my computer (grr), so the lovely structured blog post I wrote has been mashed into one, un-professional looking lump. -blushes-

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

In All Seriousness

Hey, everybody reading this blog; long time no see! I am here to give you a little update on what's going on with me writing-wise.

Well, I really want to get serious about writing for publication (digital novel, self-publishing, publishing house, etc). There's a small problem, though: I have over ninety different plots created since I was fourteen years of age, and I have no idea where to start.

A writer friend of mine, Blackbird, gave me some good advice:
Pick out stories that share similarities and combine them in a way that makes sense.
And so I shall. I have made a list organizing all of my plots by genre; now just to find a way to combine some of them so that a solid story may be created from them.

Wish me luck!