Tuesday, March 15, 2011

On Guilt

My writing mojo is back after a week or so's hiatus, and it has come back with such a vengance that I find myself becoming extremely unfaithful to my stories. When one feels guilt, one confesses, which is what I intend to do here.

When my mojo came back I started a short story, working title 'Europa Station', which is supposed to be a monster-horror story. Isolated research base. Last man alive. Giant ice worms. It was meant to be a bit of fun, and it is fun to write but it inspired me to pick up some of my older stories too:

'Contact 2009'. The title betrays its age. Inter-species romance story, with the message that where you belong isn't necessarily where you come from. This is one of my many very basic stories with little plot that I make up to get myself to sleep when insomnia turns up, but I decided it was better than most and started to write it down. Before I resurrected it this time round, it had been dormant for at least six months.

'Seline' is the working title for the other one, since that's the main character's name. Psychological horror, shared nightmares, etc. Has no real direction, but I really like all the characters and it writes itself. This started as a single scene about a year ago, then I dropped it almost instantly and left it until now. And now it's back too.

Oh, and there's also the 'notebook story' that I started in September, which I really want to finish but can't because I like the characters too much to disturb them, as I've left them at a happy point. That sounds sappy and mildly insane. Oh well. I'm feeling guilty about that, too. So, three stories actively on the go and another hanging around in my brain all the time wanting to be worked on, plus the two dozen dozing in my laptop. The result is constant nagging guilt and a longing to just sit around all day every day just writing.

And now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to hide my laptop under my bedcovers and write in the dark until midnight or so, for the third night in a row.