Sunday, January 30, 2011

Page-a-Day Week

From today until Saturday, I (and I think most of the other authors of this blog) am aiming to write a page of fiction a day. Today I am pleased to say that I have managed it, so I feel that I have enough writerly mojo to post here too.

I know my last post was about a new project that I was all excited about and had high hopes for. Yeah. You know what I'm going to say. It's been shelved for a little while, because I got distracted by a couple of short stories and some poems. So, I am planning to use Page-a-Day week to polish off the short stories and hopefully this will put me back on track with Down the Rabbit-Hole.

My page today was on a story with no real title that I am writing purely for myself, as a sort of homage to the gothic fiction I am currently obsessed with. It's coming out rather too dark for me to be entirely comfortable with acknowledging that I wrote it, so there won't be any extracts here. I will probably finish it tomorrow, but I've been saying that for a week.

The other short story started with a Seventh Sanctum prompt, which was "The Masque of the Red Death (Edgar Allan Poe) with virtual reality and a film-noir feel". The result is quite interesting and quite oddly reminiscent of 1984, so I will be trying to finish that after I've finished my nameless piece. After that, I will probably get back to Wonderland and there may be extracts from that coming up too. Enjoy Page-a-Day Week, everyone!

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