Friday, January 21, 2011

Page a Day Update

Hi, everyone. I would like to report that my "write 1 page a day" project is going swimmingly. So far I have succeeded in writing 1-2 pages every day since my last post. The subject I am focusing on is still my novel about the girl called Goblin, tentatively titled Song Ensouled.

So far, I have:
  • The opening for the book, establishing Song's relationships with her parents and her two sisters (Beauty and Diamond), that will lead into her first meeting and feelings for Farin, Beauty's beau.
  • A scene that occurs after the shipwreck that probably will not make it into the book, but I like how it flows anyway.
  • A piece establishing the existence of the ship's Captain and the sea monster (I have written ALL OVER in the margins for this one).
  • A piece setting the scene for the eminent "big betrayal" (some writing in the margins for this, as well).
If none of this makes sense, don't worry, it does to me, and since I am the one writing the book, that's mainly what matters, right? When (yes, when; I'm being optimistic here) it gets published, you'll get the fully-fleshed story for yourselves, so hooray for that!

I have yet to start writing my 1 page for today, but it will happen, do not fear. Sometimes the writing comes easily, sometimes I have to think and go over what I've already written for a while before an idea of what to write for the day crops up in my head. Once I actually start the writing, however, it actually flows fairly smoothly; note that I'm not worrying about editing or it being perfect the first time or anything like that. So far we are still in the "Crappy First Draft" mode... one might say that we are a little bit before that, because we haven't started writing everything out as an actual draft, just bits and pieces as they come to mind.

I would like to hear from anyone if they've tried writing their own "page a day," about how it has turned out for them. Also, there is a "Page a Day Week" project currently being planned in the Teen Writers group on Ravelry. If you are a teen and a writer with a membership on Ravelry, feel free to check it out! If you are not a teen but still a writer, remember that I still want to hear your take on the "page a day" idea. And who knows? If the "Page a Day Week" goes over well, we might take it to a larger level... but more details on that later on.

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