Sunday, January 23, 2011

First Post


Kori here. So yeah, this is my first post on Mission: Write. Can I get a w00t-w00t? 8P

I've always loved writing. I've been getting into it more lately number 1 life goal right now is to get my first book published before I'm 20 or so.

I have 3 novels on the go right now (not including my NaNoWriMo novel, Rule #1). The first is about 3 teen aged werewolves: Kileigh, Trev and Jett. I haven't written too-too much yet, it's only about 5K words so far. I think I'm liking the direction it's taking so far, even though I didn't set a plot in stone before I began writing it.

There isn't nearly as much werewolf fiction as I think there should be out there and I think there's WAY too much non-original vampire fiction - I'm not saying that it's all bad, because it definitely isn't, but I would really like to see some new, original teen fiction appear on the bookstores shelves. Something that doesn't involve a beautiful, blood-sucking-super-strength-possesing-undead-teen-aged-appearing guy falling in love with a human girl, or hiding from vampire hunters. Or the other way around :)

The second novel is called Desperate Measures and it's about the state of the world after The Third World War and The Plagues. I'm also enjoying how it's going and I'm glad I wrote a bit of a plot beforehand.

The third novel is called Unreachable - it's the story of a tormented girl whose best friend Julian is the main highlight of her life. More about that later.

I've been doing the Page a Day thing for a few days now. It's been going fairly well. On Friday I got nearly four done, so that makes up for the absence of the page I should have done yesterday (to be fair I was out of town ALL day with the fam and didn't think to bring my laptop -facedesk-). Today I'll definitely be getting one done.

Well, that wasn't too exciting but it's all I've got time for. 8) Rock on my fellow writers!



  1. whoot whoot! Yay for Kori! I see you're really busy working hard on your novels. I hope you get to see them through! I really should try the one-page-a-day stratagem (i'm not sure what that word means). I just started working on a new one. Now to write the first page....

  2. I try to work on them as much as I can (with mixed results xD)! So do I, I would love to get one of them published at some point. Thanks for the woot woot! 8) -K