Sunday, September 19, 2010

Writing, Where Art Thou?

I'm frustrated, guys. I can not deny this. I'm absolutely fed up with me and my seeming inability to write anything. Like, actually write out a story. The most I can seem to write is a plot summary\idea, and the first couple of pages of a rough draft. Then my brain completely jumps off the tracks of "writing for the heck of it" and instead goes, "WHOOO gotta be publishable the first draft around! Gotta make big bucks, gotta be material for INSTANTANEOUS FAME."

I've got to wonder... what happened? I used to love writing just because it was something I could do, because it was a way to express myself. But now? I equate writing as a way to potentially make money and be recognized in the world. Why? I realize that, yes, I do crave positive attention. This is a throw-back to another period in my life when ANY sort of attention was zip, nada, zero. And the money... well, I'm not in a position to get a job right now, and I suppose I'm frustrated because of not being monetarily independent of my parents.

Now that I've analyzed this and put it down... I still desire a solution. Do I have one? Not at the moment. I will continue to try writing, but... I just don't want to lose this. Writing has been a very important part of my life. It has always been with me, always been there for me. This is a time where I would appreciate support from my fellow Mission: Write authors. Thanks guys.


  1. Hmm...How long have you been writing? If it's been a while, perhaps you're feeling like you might not be getting anywhere with all the time you spend writing. Well, the amount of authors that just sent in a book to the publishers and then magically got published are very small indeed. Lots of them started out writing poems, short stories and articles for magazines and so on before actually becoming famous writers.

    So, yeah. Keep dreaming, but keep writing too. You certainly won't be a famous successful author if you're not writing anything.

    Sorry it's such a long comment, but I hope I helped :D

  2. If you've been writing the same story for a while, could be that you just feel like it ought to have made itself useful by now. Try writing about something totally different, try taking a break altogether and doing something else creative. Eventually, the impulse to just write for the heck of it will definitely come back.

    My two cents :D