Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Quick Introduction

Hey there.

I'm PandaLark, a student of bio-engineering, a voracious reader, and I write a great deal, both for school and for my own amusement. I also work as an editor for people's papers- which is the best campus job ever, highly recommend it if you can hook yourself up, and are competent- and I have come to notice that lots and lots of highly educated people don't know the first thing about the English language, and how to use it and manipulate it to make your text readable, and, more importantly in many cases, enjoyable.

I plan to write a series of posts about how to write in English, and do it well, from the ground up. They will be published on a strict "when I get to it" schedule. Before any of you get too upset, it won't be any of that silliness you get in school about predicate nominatives and subject verb agreement. You know those things, and if you don't, you probably would not come here to research it. I'll be talking about stylistic concerns, and the few things that are absolutely required not to sound like an idiot. The reason there are so few of those things? Some people have really low thresholds for what is idiotic. I hope you enjoy it.

Expect the first one shortly after I finish cleaning my shelving unit for when I move back to school.

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  1. My posts will be on a "when I get to it" schedule, as well. 8P Or at least until I can discipline myself to write more. It sounds like your post topics are going to be interesting, so I'll be waiting for the next time you're able to post. :)