Monday, August 9, 2010

Hello Blog!

Hi there, this is Tangela. I'm a british bibliophile with a computer full of half-finished stories. I meant to post something here ages ago, but I've only just got around to doing it! Sorry!

Right now, I am editing the one story that I have actually finished. I've thought of it as 'finished' for about a year now, but every few days I add a few lines here and there, maybe reword a few paragraphs or sometimes add in or redo large chunks of it. I've kept a copy of the original, from when I first declared it 'finished', and it's 26 pages long. The current, heavily edited version is now 51 pages long, and every time I read it I find bits that need tweaking. I doubt it will ever be properly completed.

The editing I'm working on right now has to do with the part of the story involving time travel. I've fixed it so that when the characters return from their stay in the past, no time has passed in the present. Since all they have to do in the past is wait until they can return to the present and continue with the actual plot, I'm using their time in the past for character development. The other thing I really ought to get around to doing is actually naming this story, and at no point in its very long life have I ever come close to deciding on a name for it. Now that people besides me are aware of the existence of this story, I think it ought to have a name.

By the end of the week, hold me to: coming up with a name, or at least a short list of possible names, for this story.


  1. Oh gosh I love time travel.
    How's it work in your story?

  2. There's a temporal wormhole involved (yeah, I watch a lot of scifi). The story is set in the future, and the wormhole takes my characters back to Earth in the year 2010. They have to spend four days there before the wormhole opens up again and they can go back to their own time, but the ends of the wormhole are synchronised in reverse, so they return four days earlier than they left. If you see what I mean?